Tumor Registrars Association of Connecticut 

    incorporated in 1976 

2018- 2019  Officers

President:          Brooke Chang, CTR

Vice President   Sheri Amechi, CTR
Treasurer           Michele Wojewodzki, CTR
Secretary           Rosemary Crawford, BS, CTR       

2018 - 2019 Committees and Chairs

Public Relations/Communication Committee:  Brooke Chang (Chair)
Education/Liaison Committee: Sheri Amechi (Chair) , Donna Goss, Annmarie Szymula, Nicole Tomarchio

Membership/Ways and Means Committee: Michele Wojewodzki (Chair)/ Patricia IaQuinto

Bylaws Committee: Cathryn Phillips, Mary Jeanne Pierce, Brooke Chang
Nominating Committee: Teresita Vega (Chair), Jennifer Cantillo-Mena, Tammy Corso

Liaison Committee: Cathryn Phillips for NAACCR and SEER

Webmaster: Amy Baldwin-Stephems