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Blog/ Announcements

WINTER, 2015 Edition IV

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 7:15 AM

Welcome to the winter Tumor Registrars Association of Connecticut newsletter created to update members on professional and personal announcements. The holiday season is upon us and a new year is fast approaching. All around us are the lights, Christmas carolers, and people wishing good cheer. The shopping and parties have begun as we celebrate the season. Our wish for the holidays is peace and prosperity to all and a happy, healthy new year.

President's Message

This fall, the members of TRAC participated in regional meetings to learn and network with others in the profession. The education committee and I collaborated with the New York Cancer Registrars Association to create their first regional meeting. The program that was held October 7-9th was a success by every measure. The meeting was well-attended, the speakers were great, and Saratoga Springs was beautiful. TRAC members also attended the Cancer Registrars Association of New England meeting in Framingham, Massachusetts on October 19-20th. The CRANE meeting provided outstanding lectures and superb hospitality. Both programs were a fabulous experience for all participants. I look forward to continuing relationships with our regional organizations and starting new projects in 2016.

Vice President’s Report

The date for our spring program at William W. Backus Hospital has been rescheduled to May 20th. We are pleased to announce that the meeting will feature Frederick Greene, MD. Dr. Greene, as many of you know, was a participant in writing several editions of the AJCC staging manual and was a long-time ACOS surveyor. Also on the agenda is William Chase MD, ACOS surveyor, who will clarify some of the changes in the standards for program accreditation. Genentech representatives will speak on the latest recommendations for HER2 testing for breast cancer. In addition to a spectacular day of education, there will be a 40th anniversary of TRAC celebration with raffles and cake. We look forward to bringing this outstanding event to members and hope to see everyone there.

A fundraiser to provide a scholarship to a regional or national meeting was initiated in September. The sales from Yankee Candle gave us a great start toward our education fund. Our intention is to offer additional fundraising opportunities with the goal to provide a scholarship in 2016.


Left: TRAC members attended the CRANE meeting October 19-20th. Pictured with CRANE president, David Rousseau are (left to right) Mary Jeanne Pierce, Kathleen Gould-Mitchell, Brooke Chang, Rosemary Crawford, Tammy Smith, and Amy Baldwin-Stephens. Right: Some of the representatives from Connecticut that attended the NYCRA meeting October 7-9th are pictured (left to right) Sheri Amechi, Donna Lanphear and Donna Goss.

The TRAC website has had almost 2000 page views since it was launched in May, 2015. The home page that has featured Cancer Registrars week, breast cancer, colon cancer, and happy holidays is updated monthly. The revised ACOS standards for 2016, TRAC membership application, Connecticut Reportable List, and new job postings have been recently added. Please visit trac-ct.org to check out the latest news.

Upcoming educational offerings include:

National Cancer Registrars Association, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 10-13, 2016

Tumor Registrars Association of Connecticut, William W. Backus Hospital, May 20, 2016

Tumor Registrars Association of Connecticut, Yale New Haven Hospital, September, 2016

Secretary Report

TRAC received five credits for our meeting at Bridgeport Hospital last March. Our annual meeting at Yale New Haven Hospital in September earned 5.25 credits from NCRA. Certificates of attendance were sent to participants in late October.

Treasurer/Membership/Ways and Means

The 2016 membership drive began in December; the annual membership dues increased to $30. The application for renewal has been emailed to members and is also available online. The payment needs to be received before January 31, 2016 and will be considered late after February 15. Our hope is to increase the number of members this year as we continue to offer more benefits to joining our organization.

Job Postings

Cancer Registrar, Norwalk Hospital



That is all for now. Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone...

Donna M. Lanphear, President

Amy Baldwin-Stephens, Vice President

Rosemary Crawford, Secretary Michele Wojewodzki, Treasurer

Public Relations and Communication Committee Chair: Donna M. Lanphear

Education/Liaison Committee Chair; Webmaster: Amy Baldwin-Stephens

Education: Donna Goss, Mike Kuhland

Membership/Ways and Means Committees Chair: Michele Wojewodzki

Ways and Means: Eliza Cleaveland

Bylaws Committee: Cathryn Phillips, Mary Jeanne Pierce, Brooke Chang

Nominating Committee: Teresita Vega Committee Chair, Jennifer Cantillo-Mena, Tammy Smith


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